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Doctor of Chiropractic
Clinic Director
Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
Certified Postural Neurologist
Certified Ergonomist
Dr Tim is committed to continuing education and is focused on being the best doctor possible to serve his patients. He loves helping patients achieve the health and wellness they know they deserve.


To educate, lead, and inspire global wellness

A world that embraces human potential, wellness and sustainability

To help action-oriented people reach their true health potential through our virtual membership community involving a combination of approaches including Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology and Chiropractic

Excellence, integrity, outstanding service, leading by example and being the best version of ourselves


Dr Tim, as a Chiropractor, commonly works with patients that have:

A desire to maximise longevity and wellness

A desire to maximise human and athletic performance

Low back pain (LBP)

Neck pain

Disc protrusions/bulges

Headaches including migraines


Bad posture

Concussion (mTBI)

Dr Tim, as a Functional Medicine practitioner, commonly works with patients that have:

A desire to maximise longevity and wellness

A desire to maximise human and athletic performance

A desire to have an abundance of energy and vitality

Autoimmune conditions

Cardiovascular conditions

Inflammatory conditions


Gastrointestinal conditions

Hormone imbalances

If you are ready to take your next steps in Functional Medicine, please call us at 021-241-5552 and our dedicated team will get to work on creating an extraordinary experience for you. Alternatively, you can also:

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In 1998, Dr Tim graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. In 2018, Dr Tim became the first person in Ireland to receivethe Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) recognition. To learn more about Dr Tim’s Functional Medicine background you can find him at the IFM’s website– https://www.ifm.org by clicking on “Find A Practitioner” and searching for practitioners in Ireland.

Dr Tim has also taken over 150 hours of continuing education in Functional Neurology to provide patients with the best therapies known to help heal the nervous system. Functional neurology can also be applied to human performance and athletic performance enhancement. He further became a Certified Postural Neurologist (CPN) and Certified Ergonomist (CErg) to help patients understand the incredible importance of posture and its many connections into the health of the brain and nervous system.

Dr Tim and his wife, Asli, enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking, camping, and hiking, as well as travelling. He is passionate about learning, reading, and researching.

Having grown up in the rugged beauty of northern Canada and being surrounded by nature, a natural and healthy lifestyle philosophy came easily to Dr Tim. Being influenced by his grandparents, who both lived to be 99-years young, he pursued his dream of becoming someone that can genuinely help others live a better life.

Aslı (pronounced “Uss-luh”) is Dr Tim’s wife and partner. She is also the Clinic Director. Before moving to Ireland, she worked in the financial services industry in Canada as a Director in Investment Product Development. She leverages her background in product development to support Dr Tim’s teachings by creating healthy juices, recipes and wild organic skin care. She also enjoys growing food and microgreens.

We look forward to meeting you and your family to help you achieve your health goals.

Client Testimonials

  • Rarely have I met someone so passionate and knowledgeable about their chosen field. Dr. Tim is without question a true exemplar of the holistic care approach.

    I went with niggling back issues but more to develope spinal health and restore the feeling of a trouble free back, having been attending for a number of months now, my back is exceptional, it feels like it did when I was 16 or 17 and I'm touching 40 now.

    When I got out of my car after an hour commute, I was like a demonstration of the evolution of man. Struggling to stand upright with stiffness.
    Now I am able to work at physical tasks, rough house with my young kids and get about with total ease. Even my posture is beginning to improve.

    I would strongly recommend that you book a consultation with Dr. Tim for a specific issue or for general wellbeing he is an outstanding professional. And a man of boundless energy too.

    It permeates through out the whole staff body too. A family practice that delivers customer service only matched by their expert knowledge of chiropractic and holistic wellness.

    P.s. the crack is mighty too 🤓
    - Alpha Sud

  • My wife Ger broke her back almost three years ago due to a fall. After six weeks in hospital followed by nine months with a back brace, she lived every day in severe pain, never ending. As time went by it subsided a little but then came back with a vengeance with no reason about a year later. Throughout all this time and despite many visits doctors and to two well known specialists she got no relief and described the pain as 10 out of 10. 10 being unbearable It was then we heard about Dr Tim.

    After an X-ray, a careful assessment he began with three adjustments centered on her lower spine. After the first visit on the way home, she said she felt considerable relief. After another three sessions the following week she described the pain level as down to 6 out of ten. Then after two or three more visits, it went to 4, to 2 to 0. It was an unbelievable recovery.

    Now two years and with about four 'top-up' visits a year, she is 100% pain-free and fit and well, out and about as normal. Dr Tim worked a wonder. He has an exceptional knowledge of the body and how it works, the wellness and in this case the mechanics. The clinic has my telephone number and has my permission to pass it on to any inquirer where I will be pleased to take a call and confirm all the above.
    Pain now 0 out of 10, Dr Tim 10 of 10.
    - Colm Cavey

  • My name is Tom and my experience at Total Healthcare has been life changing. I had dehabilating issues with my back for many years. I had tried many different types of therapy but none were satisfactory. The conclusion was always " wear and tear and degeneration". After doing some further research myself I made an appointment to meet Dr Tim Jaeger. From my initial consult I knew I was in the right place. His approach was so positive. The checks he carried out were very comprehensive. From the scans which he recommended I have done he was able to point out and explain what was causing my pain. He outlined in detail his care plan for me. At that time I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. I was finding physical activity very challenging. A simple task like getting in or out of the car involved careful thinking. Now after eight months of treatment, adjustments and de-compression therapy ,my life has been changed. I am able to experience the joy of movement again without pain. I have got my confidence back. I am back in the gym. I am able to engage in daily aerobic exercise. For me being able to exercise without pain is an incredible feeling. I am doing D.I.Y. around the house again, which I had to avoid for years. Regular exercise is also speeding my recovery.
    Dr. Tim is also a functional medical practitioner. He was able to advise me with exercise, diet and supplements. Dr Tim is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on anatomy and science. He loves to share that knowledge with his patients. From the knowledge he has given me I am much more aware of the workings of my body and mind. With his passion for patient care and a true belief in achieving optimal health, he has the confidence and ability to deliver. Before I met Dr Tim I had developed vertigo. After just one session of therapy I felt relief. After a few more sessions the symptoms had completely disappeared. I no longer have vertigo.
    The staff are also outstanding. They are always pleasant and welcoming.
    They are very knowledgeable with the workings of the clinic and will always work a way around appointment times that suit the patients. Any tests Dr. Tim recommended I have had done outside the clinic the staff arranged everything. All I had to do was turn up for my appointment.
    Dr Tim and his team are a shining example of true professional care. When my visits are scaled down I think I will miss the friendliness and exemplary care at the clinic.
    I would recommend that anybody suffering and in pain and that are really serious about improving their quality of life to met Dr. Tim. Should anyone need further clarification the clinic has my number.
    - Thomas Collins

  • Purely excellent, Dr Tim is an amazing doctor, person. The staff is great, kind. The clinic very well maintained, clean, cosy, friendly. Fantastic treatment. All in all brilliant
    - Steve Kiss

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