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Hi! I'm Dr Tim!

I'm a functional medicine practitioner and chiropractor and I LOVE to help people maximise human potential through health mastery. I've been intrigued by health since early childhood. I watched both my grandma and grandpa live to be 99-years young. I love the way they lived and how they embraced living simply…but powerfully.

I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in 1998 in Canada and have been in private practice in Ireland since 2011. I studied functional medicine for over 10-years as a post-doctorate passion. In 2018, I became Ireland's first Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).

Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic is our private practice in Cork and was Ireland’s first Wellness Clinic offering Chiropractic, Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology all under one roof.

My true gift is research and blending multiple areas of expertise into something meaningful for true health expression.

Dr Tim, as a Chiropractor, commonly works with patients that have:

A desire to maximise longevity and wellness

A desire to maximise human and athletic performance

Low back pain (LBP)

Neck pain

Disc protrusions/bulges

Headaches including migraines


Bad posture

Concussion (mTBI)

Dr Tim, as a Functional Medicine practitioner, commonly works with patients that have:

A desire to maximise longevity and wellness

A desire to maximise human and athletic performance

A desire to have an abundance of energy and vitality

Autoimmune conditions

Cardiovascular conditions

Inflammatory conditions


Gastrointestinal conditions

Hormone imbalances

If you are ready to take your next steps in Functional Medicine, please call us at 021-241-5552 and our dedicated team will get to work on creating an extraordinary experience for you. Alternatively, you can also:

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Here at the Total Health clinic, we realise that each person is unique and this means each person’s body has particular needs. This means that the way YOU heal and perform at your highest level is different from other people. We can help you understand how to move forward with your particular health goals through Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, and Functional Medicine.  We take time to discover the root causes of what is preventing you from being the best version of yourself and develop a health plan that is created just for you.

We take the time to listen. You are important and we care. You are in the right place. We invite you to join the movement. 

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Happy Patients

Serving Ireland, from Cork City, as the premium highly trusted Wellness Clinic of choice since 2003

Client Testimonials

  • I have been a patient of Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic for over 2 years. I began treatment with Dr. Tim for a chronic neck and shoulder condition. My experience at the clinic has been life changing. My issues were very complex. Before attending the clinic it was visually obvious my neck and shoulders were not aligned and this was proving very painful. From the very beginning Dr. Tim explained in detail his treatment plan for my recovery. During my treatment sessions Dr. Tim always explained in detail what was happening with the chiropractic adjustments. I found this very reassuring. I found that Dr. Tim was genuinely interested in my health and wellbeing. My condition had been impacting on my sleep and mental wellbeing. Dr. Tim is a functional medicine practitioner also and was able to recommend a regime of natural therapies. The combination of chiropractic adjustments and taking natural supplements has brought me through a very difficult period and given me a new lease of life.

    I feel privileged being a patient of Dr. Tim he is one of the few Functional Medicine practitioners in Europe. I find him always kind, attentive and reassuring. He is a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge and he loves sharing this knowledge with his patients. Even though the clinic is always very busy it is run very efficiently I have always been seen on time. The team are always pleasant and welcoming and they are eager and able to answer any questions I might have. Occasionally if I have to reschedule an appointment the team never have any difficulty in accommodating that.
    For me walking into the clinic is refreshing there is always a smiling welcoming face at the desk. Dr. Tim will always take the time for a lighter chat and to share a joke too.
    I would highly recommend for anyone in pain to go to Dr. Tim for a
    consult. From my experience I can say with confidence If help is possible you will be shown the path at Total Health Chiropractic Wellness Clinic.
    - Kathleen Collins

  • Dr Tim is easily in the top 5 things I miss about Cork since moving away. A real professional that cares and helps. I'm a pretty paranoid and skeptical person, but I genuinely trust his knowledge and treatments. Top bloke.
    - Sean Mitchell

  • I'm a 4x Irish Windsurfing Champion... until I suffered a lower back injury. I spent 2 years trying 6 different chiros, physios, acupuncture, etc., but it was not until I visited Total Health and Dr. Tim that I found a recovery path. I was healed, so no pain, fully flexible again, sleeping through nights again, within 6 months. That was 4.5 years ago. Since then, I maintain regular visits to keep tuned up... it is ideal for me and my sport. If you're reading this, you're probably suffering and looking for a solution... my advice is to visit Dr. Tim. His passion is evident... talk to him. He'll get you right again. Regards.
    - Pearse at bigsurfshop

  • Through the last year I have attended the clinic on a regular basis and it has given me great relief. I find the headaches have disappeared. I have great range of motion and no pain. I have learned how to look after myself better and gaining vast knowledge on the workings of the body and how to mind it in these busy times. I am really enjoying playing music with far better mobility and no pain.

    Dr Tim has brought me on a journey to living a happier life through my regular visits and reviews. He is so informative and willing to share information and has an incredible staff around him. I always look forward to my visit and I find each visit beneficial and uplifting. And I leave recharged with energy
    - Anthony O'connor

T: 021 241 5552

Total Health Chiropractic

Wellness Clinic

Tramway House,

Tramway Terrace,

East Douglas Village, Cork

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